• 压力式温度计的参数
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压力式温度计的原理是基于密闭测温系统内蒸发液体的饱和蒸气压力和温度之间的变化关系,而进行温度测量的。当温包感受到温度变化时,密闭系统内饱和蒸气产生相应的压力,引起弹性元件曲率的变化,使其自由端产生位移,再由齿轮放大机构把位移变为指示值,这种温度计具有温包体积小,反应速度快、灵敏度高、读数直观等特点,几乎集合了玻璃棒温度计、双金属温度计、气体压力温度计的所有优点,它可以制造成防震、防腐型,并且可以实现远传触点信号、热电阻信号、 0-10mA或4-20mA信号。是目前使用范围最广、性能最全面的一种机械式测温仪表。
● 防爆等级:dⅡBT4 、dⅡCT5 、dⅡBT6 、dⅡCT6
● 环境温度:-20~45°C
● 相对温度:小于90%
● 海拔高度:小于2000M
● 热电阻精度级:B级
● 时间常数:34S

The principle of the pressure thermometer is based on the relationship between the saturated vapor pressure and the temperature of the evaporated liquid in the closed temperature measurement system, and the temperature is measured. When the temperature envelope feels a change in temperature, the saturated vapor in the closed system produces a corresponding pressure, causing a change in the curvature of the elastic element, causing its free end to produce a displacement, and then the displacement is changed to an indicator by the gear amplification mechanism. The thermometer has a temperature packet. Small volume, The characteristics of fast reaction, high sensitivity, and intuitive reading have almost all the advantages of glass rod thermometers, bimetallic thermometers, and gas pressure thermometers. It can be made into shock-proof and anti-corrosion models. And it can achieve long-distance contact signals, thermal resistance signals, 0-10mA or 4-20mA signals. It is the most widely used and the most comprehensive mechanical thermometer.
Parameters of pressure thermometers
Explosion-proof grades: dIIBT 4, dIICT5, dIIBT6, dIICT6
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 45 °C
Relative temperature: less than 90 %
Height: less than 2000M
Thermal resistance accuracy level: B
<UNK> Time constant: 34S
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